At Hipshipper, we understand the customer-service related challenges that online sellers are facing. That is why we offer free international returns. For sellers who currently avoid international shipping because of the extra CS work involved, this is a perfect solution.

It’s a unique feature for Hipshipper customers, and it’s as simple as it sounds:

If your customer wants to return an item, for any reason, we will pay the return shipping costs, no questions asked.

When you opt in for free returns, the base shipping rates your customers see will be a little higher than our standard shipping rates. In other words - The cost of these returns is reflected in the shipping price paid by your customers when they purchase their items. 




If you haven’t setup your store yet, we recommend reading our setup tutorial first.

Free returns are going to change your shipping prices, so you will need to go back to the Hipshipper plugin and make a few changes.

  • Open the Hipshipper plugin (make sure you have the latest version installed)
  • Click the green settings wheel

  • Turn on the "Free international returns" toggle switch and Continue
  • Click “Set International Rates” (and "Set Domestic Rates" if your settings include shipping to remote US locations).
  • Click “Finish Setup”

Free Returns step-by-step

1. The customer opens a return case on eBay

When a customer wants to return an order the first step is to ask them to open a return case on eBay. Once that happens you can see those here by clicking “new."

You can see all the data related to the return: eBay's return case ID, date, order number, the buyer’s id and paypal email, the item’s info etc.

The shipping refund amount is always higher than the original shipping price to be sure we cover all the buyer’s expenses.

2. We provide the RMA to the buyer.

Please click on the send RMA button. This is the confirmation we send to your customer and the ID by which this return will be tracked

The following window will be opened

Add the buyer’s PayPal address - this is where Hipshipper sends the funds to cover the cost of the return.

Next you'll need to provide the return shipping address.
At this point you need to open a return request with the supplier and issue a pre-paid return label.
The item should be shipped directly to the supplier's return address, you may enter it manually or upload an image or PDF with the data (shipping label).
Now the RMA is ready (you can see it by clicking the link at the bottom of the page - see image). 

Press the “Send RMA now” button to send the RMA to your buyer's email address.

** As part of the Free Returns service, we send your customer a message via eBay messaging system with all the return details.

You can preview the message and then click send RMA to send it off.

The buyer will get the RMA with all the product details

To actually receive the funds to his/her Paypal account, your buyer needs to approve the refund (see image). Once done, the funds will be transferred to the PayPal account provided.

3. Hipshipper updates the return case on eBay

Once we’ve sent payment to the buyer, we upload the paypal invoice to the eBay return case as proof of payment. 

** The buyer has now 5 business days to ship the item back. If he fails to do that, you can call eBay and ask them to close the case in your favor, without having to wait for the return to be sent or delivered. Once a case is closed in your favor, the buyer can't leave negative feedback.

Important note:  Do not refund the buyer until the item has been returned and you have been refunded by the supplier.

** If the return is complete and you need to refund the buyer, please let us know and we'll refund your original shipping costs as well.

Once the case is closed the status in the control panel will change to completed

A Note on Return policies for Free Returns users

When you enable free returns with Hipshipper, you should also update your Return policy to show that the seller (you) is paying for return shipping.

This is not required, but will be seen by buyers and may help to increase your sales (buyers love a hassle-free, expense free return).