** Before you start, we advise you to sign out of your eBay account and then sign in again. This will help ensure that eBay maintain your session during the entire setup process.

For a step by step video, click HERE

To set up and connect your eBay store please follow these steps:

If you are more of a text person, use these steps:

1. Log into you Hipshipper account at https://www.hipshipper.com

2. On the top right hand corner, click on '
Settings' and select 'Marketplace Accounts', the 'Add a New Account' popup will open.

3. Click on the 'eBay' option (the top option), in the 'Authorize your store on eBay' page Insert the store's name and click the 'Authorize on eBay' button

You will now be asked to log into eBay



4. After you log in, leave the eBay page open and return to the Hipshipper page, click to download the extension that suits your browser (Chrome or Firefox) 

- I will use Firefox for this demonstration. 

If asked, authorize the installation

5. The new extension is now installed on your browser. Click on the Hipshipper extension:

6. Choose the account you added from the dropdown field and click the 'Configure Account' button

In the 'Rate Table Setup' window, select your settings:

Here is a short explanation of the options:

Profit Percent - Enable to increase your shipping rates by a fixed percentage. Any addition will be on top of the rates we set in your rate table. 

Ship to US Protectorates - Check this box to allow shipping to Alaska, Hawaii, US Protectorates, APO & FPO-  Before you enable this option, you must read THIS MANUAL

Once done, click the 'Setup' button, the extension will then upload the rates table to your eBay store.
* It is important not to click outside the extension area while it is processing as it will stop the action.

Now allow the automated process to run (you won’t see it) and work on your eBay store to scan your listings and add Hipshipper's shipping options to those listings, it will take up to 24 hours.
Please note:
The process is automated and selects the lists according to a set of rules, so if you see an item that is not set up for international shipping, please contact the support team via ticket and we'll investigate this together.

You’re done!  :)

If you require further assistance please contact us via Chat or a Ticket through our HipShipper website and we'll be happy to assist.


Hipshipper team.