Connecting your eBay store to Hipshipper and setting up shipping options

Modified on: 2019-09-10 06:04:44 -0400

** Before you start, we advise you to sign out of your eBay account and then sign in again. This will help ensure that eBay maintain your session during the entire setup process.

1. Sign in to your Hipshipper user account and open the Hipshipper extension (make sure you have the latest version installed - for a link click on settings >> eBay accounts)

2. Click the green settings wheel and then click “Connect New Store”

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3. Under "ebay User ID", Type in your eBay account name and click “Add eBay Account”.

4. You will be redirected to eBay and asked to sign in to your account.

* Sellers with multiple stores – make sure you sign in to the correct account.

5. You will then be asked to “Grant application access: Hipshipper API”. Click “Agree” to allow Hipshipper API access to your eBay account.


You will be redirected to the Hipshipper control panel.

6. Reopen the plugin.  Next step is setting your account preferences. 

Besides the basic set-up, which includes creating a shipping-rate table and enabling standard international shipping for your listings, you can also enable any (or all) of the following features:

Free International Returns - Activate the Hipshipper Free International Returns feature. Will incur a 20% rise in shipping costs.

Ship to remote US addresses - enable to allow shipping to Alaska, Hawaii, US Protectorates, APO & FPO

Expedited Service - enable to add an expedited international shipping option to your listings. Basic set up includes standard international shipping. Enabling this switch will add a second option of expedited international shipping.

Increased shipping rate - enable to increase your shipping rates by a fixed cost or a percentage. Any addition will be on top of the rates we set in your rate table. You cannot set your rates lower than the basic Hipshipper rates.

Item price limit - enable to set a maximum price for items. Only items priced under the limit will be eligible for international shipping with hipshipper. Any item with a price higher than the price limit you set, will not be allocated to the Hipshipper shipping policies. and will not be sold internationally through Hipshipper.

7. After you set up your preferences, click on Continue.

The final step is creating the Hipshipper rate table in your eBay account, according to your account preferences.

Click "Set International Rates" to create the Hipshipper International rate table in your eBay account. If you enabled Expedited Service, the rate table will also include the expedited shipping rates.

If Ship to remote US addresses is enabled, you will be prompted to create the Hipshipper domestic rate table as well, by clicking "Set Domestic Rates".

Before you complete the setup, choose if you want your settings to apply to all your account's shipping policies, or choose select policies to apply the settings to.

Click  "Finish setup" to apply your settings. Hipshipper will now check your listings for eligibility for international shipping and create new HipShipper shipping policies to match your settings.

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