Hipshipper support is now integrated into the Hipshipper control panel.

No separate sign-up or log-in are required.

You can view and manage your support tickets from the “Support” tab, in your Hipshipper control panel. You can also open a new support ticket and reply to on-going ones.

The support tab

  1. Click “Support” to view all your tickets (The number in the orange balloon shows how many tickets you have with unread messages).
  2. The default display shows a list of all your tickets, in sequential order.
  3. You can filter your tickets by the different states (Open, Pending or Closed)
  4. Closed envelope besides the timestamp means that you have an unread message. Open envelope… well, you get the idea.
  5. Ticket status is displayed on the right-hand side of the screen.
  6. Open tickets can be closed by clicking the three dots in any open ticket and choosing “close ticket”. Closed tickets can be re-opened in the same way (you will also be asked to send a message when re-opening a ticket)
  7. You can search your tickets for a ticket number, sales record number and eBay buyer id
  8. Click on the ticket timestamp or subject, to open a detailed view of the ticket, including all messages and data fields.
  9. To reply - type your response, attach files (if necessary) and click update.
  10. Orders with related tickets, are marked by a headset icon, just before the sales record #. Click the icon to open the ticket in a separate tab.

Raising a new support ticket

  • In the Support tab, click “Open support ticket”.
  • Choose your issue, enter a subject and details, and click “Submit Ticket”.
  • A new ticket will be created and will appear in your ALL tickets view.
  • You can also open a new support ticket for a specific order, by opening that order’s “order details” and clicking the “Open Ticket” button.

** A pdf version of this article is available for download