You can now add Expedited Shipping to your international shipping options.

Orders with Expedited Shipping will be shipped via DHL Express. It is a door to door service, offering two major benefits – fast delivery time of 3-8 business days and signature confirmation.

Enabling Expedited Shipping

  1. Download and install the new version of the Hipshipper plugin. A link to the plugin can be found under Settings >> eBay accounts in your Hipshipper control panel.
  2. Open the plugin and click the green settings wheel (top right).
  3. Click the small settings wheel next to the eBay account that you want to add expedited shipping to.
  4. Enable Express Shipping and click Continue.
  5. Click “Set International Rates”. Your Hipshipper international shipping rate table will be updated with expedited shipping rates (in addition to the basic Hipshipper standard shipping rates).
  6. Under Finish Setup, check the Change Profiles box and click “Finish setup”
  • Sellers with multiple eBay accounts, repeat steps 2-6 for each account you wish to enable expedited shipping in.


 7. Your Hipshipper listings will now display two shipping options (and rates):

        i)  Standard International Shipping

        ii) Expedited International Shipping