The new Hipshipper dashboard is now our control panel’s home page.

The Dashboard is comprised of two sections –

At the top you can see your order stats, broken down into the different statuses and your current Hipshipper account balance.

Below the order stats is your international sales breakdown. 

Here you can see the revenue you collected from your international sales (not including the shipping charges), the profit you made off of the shipping charges and the total number of international orders.

You can choose to display the numbers for the past year, month, or week. The stats will also be displayed as a graph, according to your choice.

A) International sales section of the new Dashboard. View your international sales revenue, shipping profit and the number of your international orders.

B) Sort by – You can choose to view the figures for the past week, month (last 30 days) or year (last 365 days).

C) Choose your graph view – Revenue, Shipping Profit, Orders.

D) Graph view of the numbers per your choice of time period and type of data.