The Hipshipper control panel enables the creation of manual orders. 

These can come in handy if you sell on platforms other than eBay or you simply want to ship an item from the US to an international address.

To create a new manual order click the “Add Manual Order” button in the Orders tab.

The Manual Order screen will open:

Here you need to provide the recipient’s name and shipping address, as well as the item details.

Item details can be added in one of two ways:

  1. Amazon ASIN - Type in the ASIN and click “Update Details” (as highlighted in the below screenshot). Our system will attempt to pull the item info off of the amazon catalog and populate the relevant fields in your order.

  2. Manual - update all the item fields manually with the relevant information (see below screenshot).

Please note that the price (and quantity) will later be used to set the value declared in the shipment’s customs-declaration, so make sure they are accurate. 

After the shipping and the item’s details are updated, you will see your shipping costs and be able to choose between standard and expedited services.

You can also add a description, dimensions, and images of your item. 

The more information you put in, the easier it will be for our shippers to identify your order when it arrives.

Adding multiple items to your manual order

With Hipshipper’s manual orders you can create a shipment for multiple items. 

Just click the “Add Item” button and repeat the steps for adding an item, as illustrated in this tutorial.

When you’re done, please go over your order’s details and make sure they are accurate (shipping address, item title, quantity, weight) and click “Save Order” (top right of screen) to create the new manual order.


  • Manual orders are not eBay orders and so, they do not auto-updated with domestic tracking, nor will the international tracking from these orders be updated to eBay. If needed, you will have to do these updates yourself.

  • You are charged for shipping based on the order’s total weight, so please make sure you have the correct weight of each item.