If you are connected to the 'Domestic Fulfillment' service, you should know how to read the orders and what to expect.

1. What is the Domestic fulfillment Service   
2. Who is this service meant for  
3. Fulfillment order life cycle  
4. How to track your fulfillment order  
5. Error flags and their meaning  
6. What is the cost of this service  

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What is the Domestic fulfillment Service?

When you make an international sale to a buyer located outside of the United States, your items needs to be sent  to our international shipping center, and from there HipShipper takes over the order.  However, with time we discovered a need from the sellers for a service that will place the order in Amazon for them and send the item to our international shipping center.
So as we like to say here at HipShipper "We've got your back".
Enter, the 'Domestic fulfillment' service.
This service is operated by a team dedicated solely to this service that are available both on chat and via tickets on the HipShipper website.

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Who is this service meant for?

This service is NOT meant for everyone.

We are intending this service for sellers with over 50 sales per day as those are the sellers in need of this service.

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The fulfillment order life cycle

The fulfillment order life cycle will be presented by the following statuses:

Your order was create in HipShipper, it will now be scanned and confirmed, we will make sure the order is correct, the Amazon ASIN is valid, the item is in stock and that you have sufficient balance to cover the purchase.
If all checks out, the status will change to ‘Awaiting fulfillment’, if not, a ‘Flag’ will appear.

Awaiting Fulfillment
We have confirmed the order as stated in the ‘Pending’ stage, and it is moved to the automated process that will place the order on Amazon.
A 'Domestic fulfillment' order is usually fulfillment within 1 business day (officially up to 2 business days).

Awaiting shipment 
The order was place on Amazon, and we now await Amazon to fulfill and ship the item, the ‘Fulfillment ID’ will now appear in the order details. Read more about the ‘Fulfillment ID’ link

Amazon has fulfilled the order and shipped out the item, they have now produced the ‘Tracking Number’ and it should appear on the HipShipper order details.

Click here to ream more about the Tracking Number link

A flag indicated an error preventing us from placing the order correctly. Placing the mouse cursor on the flag will show the details of the error, click here to learn more about Flag type errors.

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How to track your Domestic Fulfillment order?

If the order has either the 'Fulfillment ID' or the 'Tracking Number' information, or both, we can use those links respectively to get the information.

**Please note: If the order is in 'Pending' or 'Awaiting fulfillment' status, meaning the item was not shipped out yet and there will be not tracking number for this order. 

The Fulfillment ID link:

The ‘Fulfillment ID’ number is actually a link that connects you directly to the Amazon order, where you can see the status of the order on the Amazon website directly.


The information will usually look like this:

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The Tracking Number link:

When clicking on the ‘Order Number’ link, you will be taken to the shipping service provider’s page where you can see the information regarding the whereabouts of the item.

Since the supplier is Amazon, it is possible that the shipping will be done using several different shipping services such as:
UPS, USPS, DHL, Lasership

*Note: If the order is in 'Pending' or 'Awaiting fulfillment' status, meaning the item was not shipped out yet and there will be not tracking number for this order.

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Flag type errors

If you place the mouse cursor on the flag, a small window will appear showing one of the following errors, this is what they mean:

Insufficient Funds
When your account balance does not have the funds required to cover the cost of this fulfillment order.
To resolve the issue, switch to the 'Billing' page and use the green 'Add to Balance' button to add funds to your balance.

Invalid ASIN 

The Amazon ASIN stated in the order cannot be found on Amazon.

When the calculated overall price of the item in Amazon is larger than the 'Break-even' value you set, you will get an 'Overpriced' alert.
The overall price calculates as: Item Price + Shipping* + Tax + HipShipper commission
 * If exists

This is how you can calculate the 'Breakeven' value

No Amazon Offer
The most common reason for this error is that the item represented by this Amazon ASIN is currently Out Of Stock


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How much does this service cost?

We charge 2% + 0.3$ per order

The fee is 2%+0.3$ for PayPal and credit-card users, if you add funds using a 'Payoneer' transfer there is an added 1% cashback (for 500$ or higher).

We do not allow the use of any type of 'gift-cards'.

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