We’ll start from the bottom line - because your international sales will grow and you’ll be making more money.

Many suppliers do not offer international shipping for various reasons and a buyer that is does not reside in the US may not be familiar with or even have a solution for getting the item over to his location.

This is where we come in - that supplier (or dropshipper) can use our services to offer shipping to a wide variety of destination around the world, thus increasing their sales potential without the added worries, we will set up the rates tables and list the available destinations for that seller (on eBay) and we will take care of the international shipping.  And this costs the seller nothing of his own money.

If that is not convincing enough – our dedicated support team are there to help you face the customer service related challenges of international shipping and to make sure you maintain the high DSR that you’re used to.

Most importantly -  You, the seller are our top priority and the Hipshipper team is here to assist you and back you up when needed.