How do I connect my eBay account to your service?

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** Before you start, we advise you to sign out of your eBay account and then sign in again. This will help ensure that eBay maintain your session during the entire setup process.

To set up and connect your eBay store please follow these steps:

If you are more of a text person, use these steps:

1. Log into you Hipshipper account at

2. On the top right hand corner, click on '
Settings' and select 'Marketplace Accounts', the 'Settings' page will open.


3. Click on the 'Add Marketplace Account' button > select the 'eBay' option (the top option) > download the extension that suits your browser (Chrome or Firefox) 

 - I will use Chrome for this demonstration.

And complete the installation of the extension, in this example by clicking the '
Add to Chrome' button.



4. A new extension will appear in your browser, click to open it

5. Click on the green 'Connect New Store' button.


6. Insert your eBay store name


7. You will now be asked to log into eBay



And confirm that you allow HipShipper API access to the account.


8. Back to your Hipshipper page, click to open the extension again, and at the bottom part, next to your store's name, click on the small green cogwheel (Not the large on at the top of the page).


Now select the options you wish to use in your Hipshipper account, when done, and click ‘Continue’.


Here is a short rundown of the options:

Free International Returns - Activate the Hipshipper Free International Returns feature. Will incur a 20% rise in shipping costs.

Ship to remote US addresses - enable to allow shipping to Alaska, Hawaii, US Protectorates, APO & FPO-  DUE TO AN ISSUE WITH EBAY  POLICIES- PLEASE KEEP THIS OPTION TURNED OFF

Expedited Service - enable to add an expedited international shipping option to your listings. Basic set up includes standard international shipping. Enabling this switch will add a second option of expedited international shipping.

Increased shipping rate - enable to increase your shipping rates by a fixed cost or a percentage. Any addition will be on top of the rates we set in your rate table. You cannot set your rates lower than the basic Hipshipper rates.

Item price limit - enable to set a maximum price for items. Only items priced under the limit will be eligible for international shipping with HipShipper. Any item with a price higher than the price limit you set, will not be allocated to the Hipshipper shipping policies. and will not be sold internationally through Hipshipper.

Once done, click the 'Continue' button.

10. Click on the ‘Set International Rates’ button and keep the mouse cursor on the extension until the process is done (very important!

11. Click on the ‘
Set Domestic Rates’ button and 
keep the mouse cursor on the extension until the process is done (very important)


12. Click ‘Finish Setup’.

13. Very important - Read the following manual - How to set your domestic policy correctly

Almost done! (First scroll down for the important notes)

As part of the on-boarding process,

  • We connect your account to our application.
  • We create a shipping rate table in your eBay account, to be used for determining the shipping costs of your listings.
  • We verify that each item has weight and update the weight, if necessary.
  • We create new Hipshipper shipping policies, as part of your shipping business policies.
  • We assign all eligible items to the Hipshipper shipping policies.

Now allow the automated process to run (you won’t see it) and work on your eBay store to create and apply the Hipshipper policy on your lists.
Important notes:
The process is automated and selects the lists according to a set of rules, so if you see an item that is not using the HS policy, DO NOT change the policy manually.


Whichever policy is currently the default policy, please leave it as default. 

Never assign the HS policy to items manually. 


Do not set the 'HS' policy as the default policy

You’re done!  :)

After a day, you should be able to see an new policy in your eBay store with a name that starts with the letters 'HS', and this policy should have some items attached to it.

If it does not have items attached to it, please contact us via Chat or a Ticket through our HipShipper website.


Hipshipper team.

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