Why do I need to update the amazon ASIN and the item weight before registering to Hipshipper?

Modified on: 2019-06-27 08:16:44 -0400

Shipping prices are based on the item's weight and the shipping destination.

If the weight is missing from any of your listings, our system will try and look it up on the web, by searching the ASIN or UPC. To enable that, the Custom Label (SKU) field of your listings needs to be populated with their corresponding amazon ASIN, or another identifier from your supplier (upc, ean…)

The weight needs to be updated in the listing's "weight" field and not in the item specifics (we do not read data from your item specifics).

When you connect your store to Hipshipper, we check all your listings for weight. if they have a weight, we move them to the new Hipshipper shipping policy.

if the weight is missing, we use the ASIN you provided, to search amazon (and the web) for the item's weight. If we find the weight we update your listing and reallocate it to the Hipshipper policy.

If the ASIN is missing from your listings, we will use the item's UPC (if available) to lookup the weight.

If the above parameters are missing from your listing, we will not be able to find and\or update the weight.

A 0-weight listing that cannot be updated by us, will remain in your original shipping policy and be given a weight of 70lbs. That is done to make sure the listing does not sell at a loss for shipping. 

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