How can I disconnect my eBay account from Hipshipper?

Modified on: 2019-06-27 08:21:49 -0400

To disconnect your eBay store from our service, please do the following:

  • Reallocate all eBay listings from the Hipshipper shipping policies to your original, non-Hipshipper shipping policies (or create a new domestic shipping policy and move your listings there).
  • Once the Hipshipper policies are empty, delete all of them.

At this point, if you still have unshipped orders with us, consider waiting until all of them are shipped before moving on to the last step.

  • Revoke the Hipshipper token on your eBay account (Go to My eBay > Account > Site Preferences > Third Party Authorizations. - Click "Revoke this authorization" next to the Hipshipper token)

** Please note: 

  • Our system scans your eBay store every 5-6 days. At that time, we also recreate any missing shipping policies. To avoid that, if you decided to disconnect from our service, please make sure to revoke the HS token (step 3).
  • After you revoke the Hipshipper token, we will no longer have access to your eBay account, and will not be able to update your orders international tracking on eBay. If at that time, you still have orders waiting to be shipped with Hipshipper, you will need to update the international tracking to eBay¬†manually.

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