Starred red remarks are general tips and are NOT a part of the template.

Q: I just received a notice from the carrier that I need to pay extra $xx to have the item delivered to me. This is ridiculous! I already paid for shipping and I’m not going to pay anything extra!

A: Dear                        ,

Thank you for bringing that to my attention.

Basically, you’re being asked to pay for customs fees.

Most goods that enter your country by mail are subject to customs inspection and fees.

Per eBay policies, the buyer is responsible for paying all customs/import tax. In the shipping section, there is a large disclosure in bold letters stating that customs fees may apply for all buyers out of the US. The disclosure advises all customers to check with their customs authority what will be the fee prior to purchasing this item. I am sorry if you missed that disclosure.

I apologize for this situation and I realize that it may be frustrating.

Please understand that many commodities entering your country, are subject to import tax. Unfortunately, this is a fact that I cannot change.

As a special courtesy, I’ll be happy providing you an additional % discount for your next purchase.

If I can be of any further assistance, please let me know.

Best regards,


* Optional paragraph to add to this message:

 [please note that refusing to pay customs will result in your order’s return to sender. In that event, i will not be able to refund your shipping costs, as it is not a legitimate way of returning an item.]

 **FYI, eBay prohibits refusing or abandoning the parcel because of taxes or any other reason. eBay will also remove any feedback that relates to these charges

Q: I know what customs is. This is not for customs, it is a COD (Cash on delivery). It appears that you are charging me for postage when I already paid for postage.

A: Dear                  ,

Thank you for your inquiry.

Your postal authority is authorized and obligated by your customs authorities to collect import taxes on its behalf. We have a recurring account with all couriers and at the end of the month, we receive our bill with the actual cost of every package, after its weight and dimensions have been verified.

The billing for the postage is taken care of in the US and is totally unrelated to the recipient abroad.  

Please let me know if I can be of any further assistance.

Best regards,


Q: I received an item that wasn’t as described. I bought blue shoes and got black. I’m not going to pay for return shipping, it is not fair!!!

A: Dear ___________,

Thank you for bringing that to my attention.

I am sorry if the item you received was different than anticipated.  My name is _________ and I will do whatever is necessary to resolve this situation to your satisfaction.

You are absolutely right, you shouldn’t have to pay for the return shipping as this is not your fault.

Please open a return case by going to My eBay under Purchase History and select Return this item from the More actions drop-down menu.

After that, I will apply credit for return postage (please choose the cheapest trackable option.

If I can be of further assistance, please let me know.




*Try to be friendly and kind. In our experience, sticking to this method allowed me to return items past the return window, sometimes even 90 days.

Chat script:

Amz: Hello, my name is Kushmar. How may I help you today?

Seller: Hello Kushmar, my name is Mike. It’s nice to meet you. How are you?

Seller: I purchased a _________ the other day and I found that it doesn’t work for me.

Amz: I am sorry to hear that. May I please have the order number?

Seller:One second please, I need to find it. (Crucial in order to give the impression that you are an average consumer).

Seller: 125-45454-121554.

Amz: I see that the return window closed 42 days ago. I am sorry this item is no longer eligible for return.

Seller: I understand that I’m late. Would you please consider to let me return this item as a special courtesy, one-time exception? Please?

End of script.

*This approach works for us about 4 out of five times. If it doesn’t work, try again with a different rep two days later.