This article addresses eBay return cases opened for one of the following reasons:


Return cases opened for the above mentioned reasons are considered the seller's responsibility. This return is SNAD related - Significantly Not As Described. 

Per eBay, this means that you (the seller) are responsible for covering the return shipping costs.

Our goal here is that the case will be closed without a return. 

If the item is returned, eventually, we will cover your shipping costs. *

1.You should try and close this request with a partial refund and no return. If the item is defective, ask the buyer for images, so you can get an idea of the extent of the damage.

Offer a partial refund of 10-15% of the total your buyer paid (item + shipping costs). For transactions over $200, please consult with us as to the amount to offer. 

If the buyer accepts the offer, the case is closed. We will then refund your expenses. *

2. If the buyer rejects your offer for a partial refund, we suggest the following course of action:

  • Open a return for the order with your supplier. Make sure you choose a non-prepaid label for the return. The label should have the return address and RMA (return merchandise authorization - unique id provided with the return label). 

*choose a non-prepaid label (example taken from the amazon returns flow):

* get the return address and rma from the non-prepaid label:

  • Send your buyer funds through PayPal’s “Pay for goods or services” - as an advance on the return shipping expenses. Add a note to the payment: “return shipping postage”.
  • Approve the return request. You’ll then be asked to upload a return label. Instead, upload a screenshot of the PayPal payment confirmation. eBay accepts it for international returns as proof that you are covering the shipping costs. Under shipping carrier, select “Other”. Shipping carrier name: “Credit for return postage”. Tracking number: “Proof of credit NOT A LABEL”.



  • Returns should be sent directly to your supplier. The return address you provide, should be the one you got from your supplier with the non-prepaid label (see above). Do Not give HipShipper's warehouse address as the return address.
  • Ask your buyer to ship the item back, using the cheapest, tracked service he can use and send you the tracking information and a copy of the invoice for his payment, so that you can refund the shipping costs.
  • If the buyer does not ship the item back in 7 days from the day you approved the return, call eBay and ask that they close the case in your favor.
  • After 60 days have passed since the date of purchase (the window for leaving a feedback has closed), open a PayPal chargeback for the funds that you sent to the buyer. You will win that chargeback, because the buyer will need to provide valid tracking and proof of delivery, which obviously he does not have…
  • If the buyer does ship the item back, wait until the item has arrived back at your supplier's return address, before you issue a refund. eBay will not force a refund if the return tracking shows the item was not delivered. 
  • When you refund, don’t forget to deduct the PayPal advance from the refund amount.

Keep us updated on the progress of the case, so that we may assist you further.

* We will not cover the return costs of an item that is returned because of a misleading title or description (for example – title says “GoPro action camera” and the item sent is a cheap imitation; shirt is XL instead of L)

* We will not cover return costs for issues that are not related to the shipping of your order