Why weren't all my listings allocated to the Hipshipper policies?

Modified on: 2020-06-18 03:45:39 -0400

Only items that are eligible for aerial shipping can be assigned the HipShipper (HS) policies.

Some item categories are considered 'Dangerous' and are prohibited from aerial shipping, such as:

Aerosol sprays, Weapons, Batteries, Pesticides and Chemicals.

There are also some categories that are not dangerous, but are blacklisted as they are known to have size and weight issues, such as:
Antiques, Art, Business & Industrial and some baby sub-categories.

In addition, as international shipping price is based on weight as well as the shipping destination, listings that are missing the weight information will also no be assigned the HS policies.

The weight must appear in a very specific section of the listing, in the 'Package weight & dimensions' fields.

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