How to update your eBay store's rate table

Modified on: 2020-04-08 04:40:36 -0400

As sometimes prices get updates, you will need to update your eBay store's rate table to be able to enjoy the new prices.

To update your shipping rate table, follow these steps:

1. Download and install the latest version of the Hipshipper extension. You can download from the Hipshipper site (Settings >>> Marketplace Accounts), or use these direct links for Chrome or Firefox.

2. To maintain the integrity of the session throughout the update process, we recommend at this point to sign out of your eBay account and then sign back in. Also make sure you are signed in to Hipshipper before activating the extension.

3. Open the plugin. At the top right, click the green settings wheel. Then click the settings wheel next to the store you want to update the settings for.


4. Your account preferences will be displayed. For the update to go through, we need you to make a small change to your settings. For example – raise profit by $0.01. That is done so the system will recognize that an update is needed. 

Click Continue to proceed.

*Note - Due to an issue with eBay and the US Protectorates, this option should be turned OFF until further notice

5. Next step is the actual updating of the Hipshipper rate table in your eBay account.

Click "Set International Rates" to update the Hipshipper International rate table in your eBay account. After that, if prompted, click "Set Domestic Rates" (for sellers who enabled Shipping to remote US addresses).

It is important that you remain with the extension window and do not go to other windows during the update process.




6. Click "Finish setup" to apply the update to your account.

Important notes:
When the extension appears as "thinking" (showing the circle animation), it is important NOT to move the mouse cursor away from the extension, moving the mouse off will cause the process to stop and you will need to start again from a certain point.


That’s it. 

If you need our assistance, we are available on our live chat and tickets.

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