Order status is 'Awaiting Shipment' but no tracking number

Modified on: 2020-06-23 06:44:35 -0400

If the status of the order is 'Awaiting Shipment' it means the payment for the shipping is done and now an international tracking number should be issued.

But what if the international tracking has not been issued?

The most common reason for the tracking not to be issues is that the service provider has been unable to confirm the buyer's address.
Sometimes, due to limitations by eBay on their address fields some information cannot be added and the buyer therefore removes it to be able to save the address.
That causes the address confirmation process to fail and so the tracking is not produced.

What do I do?

First, confirm the address with the buyer, so that we will have an address that can actually be confirmed.
Next, go to the order on the HipShipper website, click to see the order's details, and in the order details, switch to the 'Support' tab and submit a ticket from there, to this ticket add the address you received from the buyer.
We will use this new address to alter the order address and ship the item.

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