The international order life cycle 

The international order life cycle will be presented by the following statuses: 

Your order was create in HipShipper, it will now be scanned and confirmed, we will make sure the order is correct and that you have sufficient balance in your account to cover the shipping cost.
If all checks out, the status will remain as 'Pending', however, if not, a ‘Flag’ will appear.

Important note:
1. The 'Pending' status will remain as until the 'Domestic tracking' information is added to the order.
2. You must add the domestic tracking number as soon as possible, preferably before the package arrives to the Hipshipper international shipping center.
3. The tracking number must be identical to the one issued by the supplier, the one that appears on the 

Awaiting Payment
After the 'Domestic Tracking' information is added to the order, the system will attempt to charge the account for the cost of the shipping, if this step fails, a 'Flag' icon will appear, placing the mouse cursor on that flag will explain the issue.
If there are enough funds in your balance to cover the cost and the attempt is successful, the status will change to 'Awaiting Shipment'.

Awaiting shipment 
The shipping was paid for and now an international tracking number is produced.
Once the item arrives at our international shipping center it will be processed* and shipped.

The item has been processed, and the now package has left out international shipping center en route to it's next destination.
At this point you will be able to track the progress of the package by clicking the 'Intl Tracking' link.

The order has been cancelled

A hold status will appear if there is an issue that prevents the item from being shipped.
In most 'Hold' cases, a ticket will be created that explains what the issue is and an email notification regarding the new ticket will be sent, in addition, the order will now show a 'headphones' icon to indicate that there is a ticket regarding this order.  This icon will look like this:

In other cases you will see a red 'notepad' icon next to the 'Hold' symbol, clicking the red notepad icon will show a popup with the notes that were added to this order.

A flag indicated an error preventing us from placing the order correctly. Placing the mouse cursor on the flag will show the details of the error, click here to learn more about error types.

* What process ?
When the item arrives to our international shipping center, we will open the package to perform a visual confirmation, making sure the item does not appear broken and confirming it fits the description of the item.
Once done, the item is weighed and repacked for shipping, and then it is shipped.

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Error types

If you place the mouse cursor on the flag, a small window will appear showing one of the following errors, this is what they mean:

Insufficient Balance!
When your account balance does not have the funds required to cover the cost of the shipping.
To resolve the issue, switch to the 'Billing' page and use the green 'Add to Balance' button to add funds to your balance.


Order status is 'Awaiting Shipment' but no tracking number

If the status of the order is 'Awaiting Shipment' it means the payment for the shipping is done and now an international tracking number should be issued.

But what if the international tracking has not been issued?

The most common reason for the tracking not to be issues is that the service provider has been unable to confirm the buyer's address.
Sometimes, due to limitations by eBay on their address fields some information cannot be added and the buyer therefore removes it to be able to save the address.
That causes the address confirmation process to fail and so the tracking is not produced.

What do I do?

First, confirm the address with the buyer, so that we will have an address that can actually be confirmed.
Next, go to the order on the HipShipper website, click to see the order's details, and in the order details, switch to the 'Support' tab and submit a ticket from there, to this ticket add the address you received from the buyer.
We will use this new address to alter the order address and ship the item.

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