What is the Hipshipper order life cycle?

Modified on: 2019-06-27 08:15:07 -0400

The order life cycle starts when an international sale is made and the order is imported from your eBay account to the Hipshipper control panel. It ends when the order leaves our warehouse, in transit to your buyer.

The order life cycle consists of four statuses:

  • "Pending" - new order created. We are waiting that it will be shipped from your supplier to our warehouse. Once you get a domestic tracking number – Update it only in the Hipshipper order’s “domestic tracking” field.  DON’T update the tracking on eBay. If you're dropshipping software is integrated with Hipshipper, the domestic tracking will be updated automatically in our system.
  • "Awaiting payment" - Once we get the domestic tracking we will charge your balance for the shipping cost. Unlike with GSP, your buyer's payment for the shipping goes to your PayPal account, and now we need to charge it back from you (our rate is lower by 5% than what the buyer paid, so you don’t lose out on the PayPal fee).
  • "Awaiting shipment " - once your order’s shipping costs are paid, our system will create the international label. This will usually take 10-15 minutes. The international tracking number will also be uploaded to your eBay order and your customer will be notified. At this point, your order is marked as shipped on eBay, even though it is likely that the item is still in transit to our warehouse. We do that because we want you to meet the handling time limit that you set for your orders.
  • "Shipped " - when the item arrives at our warehouse, we conduct a visual inspection, and if everything goes OK we process and ship it to the customer. That is when the status changes to shipped. If there is any issue we open a support ticket for that order. 
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