How to track my package?

When an international order is created and processed, an international tracking number ('Intl Tracking') will appear in the order details.

This number is also a link, and clicking this link will open carrier's web page showing the tracking information.
If the package was shipped using USPS, the USPS tracker page will open
If the package was shipped using DHL, the DHL tracker page will open, and so on.

But, it doesn't always work as we would expect it.
So the first thing you need to do is find out who the carrier is.
To do that, click on the 'Sale #' link

And switch to the 'Order Activity' tab, where we can see when the shipping label was created and who the carrier is.

In this case the carrier is 'AsendiaUSA', so we need to track the package using the 'AsendiaUSA' tracker.
This is the Asendia tracker link:

Very important:
Some countries change the tracking to a local one when the package is in their postal services' care, this is called the 'last mile' tracking, the 'Asendia' tracker also shows you the 'last mile tracking'.
If you notice that the 'Asendia' tracker no longer gets updates, you may need to use the 'last mile tracking' instead and look it up using the destination country's postal services' website.

Here is an example:

As you can see, the original tracking number is 'LW217485670US'
The destination is the United Kingdoms
And the new 'Tracking Number' shows the 'Last mile tracking' .

We google the destination country with the words 'post tracking', so 'UK post tracking' - this will give us the UK postal services' website:

Now we take the last mile tracking, and paste it in the search field to get the result:

In this particular case, the item is being held at customs in the UK, so this is the information we will pass on to the buyer if asked about the whereabouts of the package.

*Sometimes, the destination country's postal services' website is not available to you or it is no updated.
In which case, you should use any tracker you can find to track the item, here are a few examples:

If you have further questions, we'll be happy to assist
The HipShipper team.