It is known that eBay has an issue processing orders from buyers from the following destinations:
Us protectorates, Alaska, Hawaii & Puerto Rico

What exactly is the issue?

If you find that an order was placed on eBay and the buyer is located in one of those aforementioned destinations, what are your options?

First option - Talk to the buyer:
Before you talk to the buyer, you need to find the price for shipping this item to them, to find the price, follow these steps:
1. Log into your Hipshipper account and go to the 'International Orders' page.
2. Click the 'Add Manual Order' button.
3. Fill in the details, for now all you need are the 'Country' and the item weight fields to be filled.
To be able to find Alaska, Hawaii or Puerto Rico, you first need to set the 'Country' field to:
'United States (Protectorates/HII/AK/APO)'
Then another field will appear, allowing you to choose one of the said destinations

4. On the right hand side of the screen you will see the available shipping methods (standard or expedited) and the price for shipping the item to that destination:

Now, you need to contact the buyer, let them know that due to an issue that eBay has with their destination country, they were not charged for the international shipping, let them know the price for the shipping and ask them if they would like to pay the added cost or cancel the order, many buyers choose to pay the extra and have the item shipped to them.
If the buyer selects to pay, you can repeat the steps and this time click the 'Save Order' button to create the order, and continue from there as if it was any normal Hipshipper order.

*Hipshipper can ship packages to these destinations, eBay referring to these destinations as 'domestic' that is the issue.

Second option - Cancelling the order:
Simply write to the buyer that you are unable to ship this item to their location and notify them that, with their permission, you are cancelling the order and refunding them.

How can I prevent these orders from being placed?
To prevent these issues from recurring in the future, you can simply 'exclude' these destinations in your 'domestic' eBay policies, edit those policies and add those destinations to the 'Excluded countries' list this will stop eBay from taking these order.

What exactly is the issue?
Buyers from these destinations tend to stated their 'Country' as 'US' in their eBay profile, causing eBay to accept it as a 'domestic' buyer, however, those destinations are, in-fact, considered 'international' destinations.
eBay therefore refers the buyer to the 'domestic' part of the policy, and so the buyer is not charged for the international shipping fee, forcing you, the seller, to deal with the order.
As a result, and until eBay learns how to fix this issue, we have disabled the option to accept order from buyer from those destinations.